MSDN Code Gallery for XPS

The code gallery for the XPS APIs in Windows 7 is now live on MSDN. The gallery has three code samples for using the new APIs:

  • Basics of working with XPS Documents: loading, modifying and saving.
  • Rollup: combing content from different documents.
  • Flow Text: using the text capabilities exposed by DirectWrite to generate fixed layout XPS Document content from flow text.


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  1. I’m looking to be doing some of this for a product I’m currently working on (combining documents and flow->fixed are going to be large parts of the system).  

    Is this .NET 4.0 stuff?  Or will these native APIs be available in 4.0?

  2. adrian ford says:

    Hi Will,

    Those samples are for the Win32 APIs in Windows 7. However, there’s been XPS support in .Net since 3.0. A good place to start in the documentation is the WPF overview section [] and the System.Windows.XPS namespace []

  3. Will says:

    Yeah, I know.  I was thinking that there might be MORE support in the unmanaged APIs in 7 that simplify tasks such as converting from flow to fixed and combining documents.  

    As far as I can tell, the only info about doing that using the .net 3.0 assemblies are some blog posts by Feng Yuan….  I wish there was much MUCH more information/examples about using IRL..

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