XPS Essentials Pack Update

The XPS Essentials Pack has been updated with support for Windows XP SP3 – details on the XPS Team Blog.


Windows 7 @ PDC

Yesterday Steven announced Windows 7 in the PDC second day keynote. It’s been great to be in LA to see the initial reactions and to talk to all sorts of people that are incredibly passionate about the Windows ecosystem. You can watch the keynote at www.microsoftpdc.com and also find details and video of sessions. For…


Going to PDC or WinHEC?

Going to WinHEC or PDC? If so, the team would love to meet up, I’ll be down in Los Angeles for PDC next week and others from the team will be there the week after for WinHEC. Drop me a note via the contact link and I’ll fwd on to the team. The last PDC,…


Viewer Comparisons

Pagemark Technology has published a comparison of the performance of different XPS viewers (XPS, PDF). The report covers XPS viewers from a number of different sources: Microsoft XPS Viewer Informative Graphics Brava Reader! NiXPS Edit v 2.5  SANAtech  XPS Viewer v1.0 Adobe Acrobat 8.1 Software Imaging XPS Viewer Pagemark Technology XPS Show and includes…


Monarch data import with XPS

Datawatch has released an update for their Monarch application for report mining and analysis. Version 10 now provides support for XPS to enable users to import data into Monarch from any Windows application with print support. This is a great example of how XPS enables interoperability between applications and how solutions can leverage the print…


16 bits and more printing on Windows

I’ve been hearing recently about 16-bit printing and how, apparently, you can’t do it on Windows (for example on this thread). 16-bit (and more, but we’ll get to that in a moment) print support was added in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. At the same time we made that support available down level to…


Capturing XPS

MadCap announced today that the latest version of Capture includes XPS support: “Capture 3.0 provides the ability to save and load images in Microsoft XPS, providing a much crisper image that does not become pixilated when someone zooms in. The new functionality in Capture complements support for the XPS standard available with other MadCap solutions,…


Zoran IPS 8.1

Zoran has announced version 8.1 of the IPS interpreter which “…fully supports Microsoft’s XPSDrv print path”. “As a technology supplier that has earned Microsoft’s Driver Test Manager certifications, Zoran continues to demonstrate its full commitment to software compatibility,” said Jack Mayo, Group Program Manager for Windows Documents & Printing, Microsoft Corporation. “Certification from Microsoft helps…


More XPS with Toshiba e-STUDIO

Today Toshiba announced the immediate availability of the Toshiba e-STUDIO(TM)5520c/5520CT/6520c/6520CT/6530c/6530CT series of MFPs with XPS support. “Building on its long-standing relationship with Microsoft, the e-STUDIO5520c/6520c/6530c MFP series provides Windows Vista-specific printing enhancements in the form of XPS Print Path drivers, Windows Color System support and Windows Vista WS print and scan support” “The entire color…


XPS testing from XPS Associates

XPS Associates have released two testing products for XPS: C-XPS Render is designed to test accurate rendering by providing test content and expected results C-XPS Speed Suite is designed to test rendering performance by providing test content   More information on the test suites from XPS Associates on XPS Review and c-xps. In a related…