Adam Does XPS

The title says it: ADAM, a .Net based Digital Asset Management System, now supports XPS. NiXPS provided the technology...

Press Release.

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  1. manish9724 says:

    I have IE7 and I am using Vista.

    I am getting new problem with IE7.

    When I close one of the tabs in IE7, it closes the current site but it creates a blank page in the same tab and then the whole IE7 hangs. It is happening very often.

    I need to close the IE7 from Task Manager which closes all other tabs open also. This is very serious. It does not happen with FireFox or Opera.

    Do you have any solution to the problem.

  2. adrian ford says:

    Hi Manish, I’m far from an expert on IE, I’d recommend starting on the Microsoft support site ( or the IE Solution Center (


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