Some Attention

“XPS hasn’t got the attention it deserves. It’s a great new portable document format of very high quality, with a free viewer available for Windows XP. If you want to create documents to give to others, and need to ensure they see exactly the document you intended to publish, with the same fonts and graphics,…


XPS in Windows Vista

Time for a post on one of the XPS features in Windows Vista which I use a lot – archiving to XPS rather than printing. There’s lots of times where, in the past, I’ve had to print out stuff because I needed to, not because I wanted to. Common examples included copies of online shopping…


Controlling compression options from a driver

In a previous post I wrote about controlling compression for the Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Brian Mosher asked on the MSDN XPS Forum whether it’s possible to programmatically control image compression from the context of an XPSDrv-based printer driver. This isn’t possible in the Windows Vista release, but is something planned for a future release… …


More Konica Minolta MFPs With XPS

Konica Minolta have announced three more MFPs (Multifunctional Product/Peripheral) with support for XPS via a native XPS interpreter. More details in the press release.


Infragistics NetAdvantage

Infragistics announced NetAdvantage for .Net 2007 Volume 3 (Press Release) which provides enterprise and line-of-business developers with enhanced support for building richer user interfaces and now includes reporting with support for XPS and PDF.


Print Verifier

“PrintVerifier is a runtime verification engine for monitoring interaction between third party components and the print subsystem” a translation of what that means is available 😉 along with more details on the team blog ->


MXDW and Image Content

A question was asked recently on an internal list about why the image content in XPS files generated by MXDW (that’s the Microsoft XPS Document Writer) can differ — sometimes images are stored as JPEGs and other times as PNGs (and, although not asked on this occasion, you can get TIFF and WM Photo/HD Photo…