News, AIIM & WinHEC

I managed to avoid both AIIM / On Demand and WinHEC this year (although it was the travel and not the events I was trying to avoid). This means I'm rather late catching up with some of the news. I could also plead that I've been busy, but that would just be an excuse...

Xerox announced new WorkCentre and DocuColor devices at AIIM/On Demand, including the WorkCentre 7328, 7335 and 7345 which include support for XPS scanning and printing in the device.  In WinHEC-related news Software Imaging announced updates to Sorcerer and PrintMagicXPS with support for XPS; Monotype Imaging announced new printer driver kits with support for XPS at WinHEC; while Global Graphics demonstrated their XPS products.

If you're more interested in creating than consuming XPS documents, then it might be worth taking a look at Amyuni's support for XPS in their developer tools, and if you just want to learn, I noticed that Quality Logic has a open session XPS training session in July.

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