HD Photo Plug-in for PhotoShop

The final version of the HD Photo plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop are now available for Windows and Mac OS X. Bill Crow has posted the details as well as links to the plug-ins on download center. HD Photo is fully supported on Vista via Windows Photo Gallery (and Photo Printing Wizard) and for developers via .Net and…


OneVision Brings Interactive Editing to XPS

Adoption continues as OneVision announces the launch of new versions of Solvero and Asura with, as you may have guessed, support for XPS amongst the “80 new options and improvements” in version 9.0. If you’re not familiar with OneVision solutions, it’s highly likely that they formed part of the production workflow for the last newspaper…


More from Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta continues to roll out devices, like the pagepro 5650EN, with support for XPS Direct Print. More details in yesterday’s press release.


PAGEMARK Announce SHARP to use XPS Solutions

Pagemark Technology announced yesterday that SHARP corporation has licensed Pagemark’s XPS Rendering solution – more news in the press release.


A question that crops up fairly frequently on an internal list is the best way to convert docx to xps. Word is obviously a great tool for that (take a look at Document.ExportAsFixedFormat in the Word Object Model Reference), but it’s not always suited, for example see KB 257757 Considerations for server-side Automation of Office….


e by Book

My music, photos, movies and other media have all gone digital (I’m almost completely weaned off buying CDs) but every room I inhabit has a collection of books, even though I do the majority of reading from screens of various sizes, shapes and resolutions. Some recent eBook news sheds some light on the puzzle and…


Some Attention

“XPS hasn’t got the attention it deserves. It’s a great new portable document format of very high quality, with a free viewer available for Windows XP. If you want to create documents to give to others, and need to ensure they see exactly the document you intended to publish, with the same fonts and graphics,…


XPS in Windows Vista

Time for a post on one of the XPS features in Windows Vista which I use a lot – archiving to XPS rather than printing. There’s lots of times where, in the past, I’ve had to print out stuff because I needed to, not because I wanted to. Common examples included copies of online shopping…


Controlling compression options from a driver

In a previous post I wrote about controlling compression for the Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Brian Mosher asked on the MSDN XPS Forum whether it’s possible to programmatically control image compression from the context of an XPSDrv-based printer driver. This isn’t possible in the Windows Vista release, but is something planned for a future release… …


More Konica Minolta MFPs With XPS

Konica Minolta have announced three more MFPs (Multifunctional Product/Peripheral) with support for XPS via a native XPS interpreter. More details in the press release.