How to view SOAP XML messages to and from AD Webservices and Powershell

I am sure many of us are curious to see the XML messages communicated between the AD Powershell webservices client and a Windows server hosting AD Webservices whenever a powershell cmdlet gets executed. In this blog, I am providing information to view those messages by enabling Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) logging through ADWS configuration. For…


Active Directory Management Gateway Service released to web – manage YOUR Windows 2003/2008 DCs USING AD POWERSHELL !

RTW version of Active Directory Management Gateway Service (ADMGS), an Active Directory Web Services (ADWS overview here) out of band release for down level servers is now available to download from Microsoft Download Center Page. ADMGS is a down level release of in-box version of Windows Server 2008 R2  ADWS and provides the same functionality….


Use Active Directory Powershell to manage Windows 2003/2008 DCs

Many of the readers have expressed interest in having the ability to manage their down level (running Win 2003/2008) DCs using ADPowershell. The only missing piece was the availability of the Active Directory Web Service (ADWS overview here). Well, ADWS beta for down level DCs is here. Using this beta download, you can manage your…