Three Module Extensions (DC Health, Trust Management and Demo Script)

This is a short blog post to highlight a few module extensions that we have been demoing at conferences this year. They show some of the new features in our PowerShell module as well as a few examples extending them. In this update, there are three modules:

  1. DemoScript – This is module wrapping Jeffrey Snover’s start-demo script. It has several updates from various sources inside and outside of Microsoft. This would make a pretty good start to a set of cmdlets to create and run demo scripts, test scripts, etc. Included in this, is a file called DemoScripts.txt, which contains some general and some interesting uses of the cmdlets found in our module.

  2. DCHealth – This module has cmdlets to test the health of Domain Controllers. It is built in an incremental fashion, showing how to create a module piece by piece. Start with Send-Ping.

  3. TrustManagement – There are only two cmdlets here, but they make managing trusts a much more pleasant experience.

James McColl
Program manager – Directory Services

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