Use Active Directory Powershell to manage Windows 2003/2008 DCs

Many of the readers have expressed interest in having the ability to manage their down level (running Win 2003/2008) DCs using ADPowershell. The only missing piece was the availability of the Active Directory Web Service (ADWS overview here). Well, ADWS beta for down level DCs is here. Using this beta download, you can manage your existing Active Directory forests using ADPowershell. Below are the steps to participate in this beta program:

  1. Visit and enter the invitation ID ADWS-FDBT-CVJK on the home page.
  2. Sign in using your live/hotmail ID
  3. Active Directory Management Gateway Service download details and instructions will be available to you on MS Connect site -

Note that there is a feedback section on that page that you are encouraged to use 🙂 Please install the beta and provide your feedback.


- Ali


Mudassir Ali
Software Development Engineer in Test - Active Directory Powershell Team


Comments (5)

  1. RichardSiddaway says:

    So this installs the Web Service.  What about the cmdlets and provider?  How do we get those installed?  The Web Service by itself is worse than useless

  2. mudiali says:


    The ADPowershell (cmdlets and the provider) is only available on Windows 7 and Windwos Server 2008 R2. You can use machines with these OS’es to manage your Active Directory forests.

    To install powershell on Windows Server 2008 R2, please read:

    To install powershell on Windows 7, please read:


    • Ali
  3. Looks like the Connect site is gone says:

    But I think this is the new download link……/details.aspx

  4. Harshit Garg says:


    All the details provided are great and a lot beneficial to me. Few questions.

    Q. I want to manage my DC on windows 2003 SP2 by running powershell scripts on windows 2008 R2. After performing the steps above will I be able to do so?

    Q. Does ADWS is any how linked to LDAP? Working of my DC using LDAP will hamper in any way?

    Please help. I am creating scripts to migrate from 2003 to 2012 and 2008 R2.

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