Active Directory Administrative Center for Windows Server 2008 R2 implemented using ADPowershell!

Windows Server 2008 R2 doesn’t just add ADPowershell – it also adds Active Directory Administrative Center (or ADAC), a new GUI tool for AD administrators.  Read about it here.  What’s more, while you can’t tell just from looking at it, ADAC is implemented entirely over Windows PowerShell 2.0 and ADPowershell!  Every read and write to AD goes through ADPowerShell.  So, if you were wondering whether Windows PowerShell and ADPowershell are just for scripters -- they aren’t!  Windows PowerShell and ADPowerShell provide a powerful and flexible management API for the construction of management applications of any type.

Jon Newman
Active Directory Administrative Center
(formerly from PowerShell 1.0 team)

Comments (8)

  1. Xaegr says:

    So we can create custom tasks or "content" for overview page using PowerShell scripts? How?

  2. Windows Server 2008 R2 doesn’t just add ADPowershell – it also adds Active Directory Administrative Center

  3. mudiali says:


    The overview page is not customizable. The ADAC uses ADPowerShell cmdlets in the background to achieve all of it’s management tasks.


    • Ali

    Software Developer Engineer in Test, AD PowerShell Team

  4. This is a awesome tool for managing Active Directory on the next version of the Windows Server management

  5. Xaegr says:

    mudiali: Sorry but I’m dont see a point in this console then. Old MMC ADUC allows some customizations, you can combine it with other snapins, even extend functionality adding additional tabs and menu items(this is not easy, but possible!).

    All "features" that new console "introduces" are possible in old one, or just cosmetic changes. And cost we need to pay for this – performance, support only for 2008R2 or downlevel OS with additional component installed, and need to learn new interface.

    May be I’m just missing something?

  6. Richard.Siddaway says:

    Are you going to expose the script that the console uses in the same way that Exchange 20072010 does.  This functionality does make a great learning tool.

  7. veer says:

    On Windows 2008 R2, I have extended the schema and also installed the snapin that lets me integrate and manage the custom objects in the ADUC.

    On ADAC, I can see the objects and change their properties. But I cannot create any new objects. I am talking about the menu extension ie. when we right click on OU -> New. Besided ‘Computer’, ‘User’, ‘OU’, ‘Group’, I can see my custom objects in ADUC but not on ADAC. Is this working by design or do I need to do something different to see my objects under ‘New’ in ADAC

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