Using SqlDataReader’s new async methods in .Net 4.5

With .Net 4.5, ADO.NET introduced two asynchronous methods to the SqlDataReader class: ReadAsync and NextResultAsync. These two methods allow you to move to the next row or result set asynchronously and represent a much more fine-grained level of asynchronous access to data compared to .Net 4.0 (which only had asynchronous command execution). However, for the… Read more

Announcing the Microsoft Entity Framework June 2011 CTP

  The information in this post is out of date. Visit for the latest information on current and past releases of EF. If you have previously installed this preview, please follow the uninstall instructions detailed below . We are excited to announce the availability of the Microsoft Entity Framework June 2011 CTP. This release… Read more

Walkthrough: Spatial (June CTP)

  The information in this post is out of date. Visit for the latest information on current and past releases of EF. For Spatial Support in Code First see For Spatial Support in the EF Designer see   Spatial data is one of the new features in Entity Framework June 2011 CTP…. Read more

Data Access Guidance

When considering how your application will connect to a data source, there’s a variety of technologies, patterns, and architectures to consider.  Recently we published a “Summary of Data Access Guidance” on the MSDN Data Developer Center.  If you want to drill deeper into the material, please check out Shyam Pather’s TechEd talk: Data Development GPS:… Read more

Microsoft SQL Server has a new connectivity portal page!

The Microsoft SQL Server team is working on a portal page that brings together common resources and community links for all data access providers to Microsoft SQL Server.  We’d like your feedback on how useful you will find it and what else you’d like to see included.  Although, at this time we’re concentrating on bringing… Read more

Introducing Table-Valued Parameters – Part 1

Hey everyone! I am Himanshu. I am a program manager in the ADO.Net team. Today I am going to talk about Table-Valued parameters that are new in SQL Server 2008. About 4 years back I was writing an application which involved adding metadata about my music library into a database. The database had a table… Read more

Connecting to Pre-Release Versions of SQL Server 2008 – Part Deux

Since posting on the topic of design-time and runtime connectivity to pre-release versions of SQL Server 2008 on the Data blog in November, the set of affected clients (applications, runtimes, and operating systems) have been officially released: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5, Microsoft Vista Service Pack 1, and Microsoft Windows 2008. Runtime… Read more