Npgsql’s ADO.NET Provider for PostgreSQL Supports the ADO.NET Entity Framework!

I always enjoy making announcements regarding external providers releasing their Entity Framework-enabled ADO.NET providers.   It is my pleasure to announce that Npgsql has released a version 2.0 of their ADO.NET provider for PostgreSQL, which includes support for the Entity Framework.  For more information, see the following announcement on the PgFoundry web site:… Read more

Recent ADO.NET Entity Framework provider news – Demos and downloads

Here are a few quick announcements about ADO.NET providers supporting the Entity Framework.  Enjoy!   Core Lab (Connectivity to Multiple Data Stores) Core Lab was the first ADO.NET provider writer to support Beta 3 of the Entity Framework.  Their provider includes connectivity to Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.  For more information, see the announcement… Read more