SQL Connectivity Annual Survey

Greetings to the SQL Server community :   Last year in October 2009, we introduced  the process of interacting on a regular basis with the developers and users in the form of surveys.  During the last 12 months, we completed surveys that focused on the broad SQL Connectivity components, including ODBC, ADO.NET, JDBC and PHP. … Read more

Data Access Guidance

When considering how your application will connect to a data source, there’s a variety of technologies, patterns, and architectures to consider.  Recently we published a “Summary of Data Access Guidance” on the MSDN Data Developer Center.  If you want to drill deeper into the material, please check out Shyam Pather’s TechEd talk: Data Development GPS:… Read more

Microsoft SQL Server has a new connectivity portal page!

The Microsoft SQL Server team is working on a portal page that brings together common resources and community links for all data access providers to Microsoft SQL Server.  We’d like your feedback on how useful you will find it and what else you’d like to see included.  Although, at this time we’re concentrating on bringing… Read more

Exception Handling in the .NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC, OLE DB, and for SQL Server

Developers using the .NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC, the .NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB, or the NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server often send feedback to Microsoft, asking for a complete list of the exceptions that a given method can throw.   Until such time as the documentation team updates the… Read more

DataSet and Silverlight

I’ve been asked a few times lately whether DataSet is or will be supported in Silverlight, so I thought I’d post the answer here. There are no plans to add DataSet into future releases of Silverlight. However we are investigating work to bridge existing DataSet investments to new data technologies. Below are three different approaches… Read more