Using SqlDataReader’s new async methods in .Net 4.5

With .Net 4.5, ADO.NET introduced two asynchronous methods to the SqlDataReader class: ReadAsync and NextResultAsync. These two methods allow you to move to the next row or result set asynchronously and represent a much more fine-grained level of asynchronous access to data compared to .Net 4.0 (which only had asynchronous command execution). However, for the… Read more

Entity Framework Tutorials – ASP.NET

The information in this post is out of date. Visit for the latest information on current and past releases of EF. See the Get Started page for information on using EF with other technologies, including ASP.NET. The ASP.NET team recently produced a great set of tutorials on creating web applications with the Entity Framework. … Read more

Using Binary Serialization and ViewState with Self-Tracking Entities

A common question the Entity Framework team hears is how to store a set of self-tracking entities in ViewState for an ASP.NET application. There are a number of options for where to store state information in an ASP.NET and I’d recommend this article on MSDN if you are looking for guidance on this. In this… Read more

Tutorial: Entity Data Source Control

Last month we announced the beta release of Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2008. This release includes the Entity Framework, including a wizard that can be used to generate a model and a graphical model designer. It also includes the EntityDataSourceControl, which lets you bind ASP.NET data bound controls to data from a model…. Read more