Migrations Screencast Series

We recently published a three part series on using Entity Framework Code First Migrations. The short series is designed to help you use migrations in the ‘real world’ where you often work in a development team and/or have to write applications that interact with existing database schemas.

The screencasts cover some concepts using diagrams and then show these concepts in action with a demo in Visual Studio.


Migrations – Under the Hood

This screencast digs into how migrations works, including how it detects changes to the model by storing model snapshots in each migration.

This is useful for all developers to know, but also a pre-requisite to understanding the concepts in the other two screencasts.


Migrations – Team Environments

This is the companion screencast to our Code First Migrations in Team Environments documentation.

This screencast covers using Code First Migrations in a development team, where two or more developers are working on the same project, using a source control system.


Migrations – Existing Databases

This is the companion screencast to our Code First Migrations with an existing database documentation.

This screencast covers how to enable migrations for an existing database and then use migrations to propagate changes in your Code First model to the database.