Entity Framework Links #5

This is the fifth post in a regular series to recap interesting articles, posts and other happenings in the EF world.


The latest release

We recently made EF6 Release Candidate available. This is the last pre-release of EF6 before we RTM with Visual Studio 2013 later this year.

If you’re wondering why we can’t always give you exact dates for EF releases, Arthur Vickers put together a great post titled ‘EF6 release dates…or lack thereof’.



Glenn Condron and Rowan Miller from the EF team presented EF6 sessions at TechEd North America (Rowan) and TechEd Europe (Glenn). You can get the source code from the demos off Rowan’s blog. 

Glenn and Rowan also spent some time with Robert Green on VS Toolbox talking about EF5 and EF6. The session has lots of demos and you can grab the source code from the demos off Rowan’s blog.

Rowan had a short interview with Robert Green about EF6 on Chanel 9 at TechEd North America.


EF6 Features

We saw some great new content about the new features in EF6:


Other Posts

Arthur Vickers addressed the common confusion around Database initializer and Migrations Seed methods.

Julie Lerman blogged about Private Constructors and Private Setters and Entity Framework Power Tool Tips to View Model (A Feature I Depend On!).

Richard Broida wrote about using Entity Framework with F# and Windows Azure.

Rowan Miller covered Running EF T4 Code Generation Templates from Command Line and how to deal with the following error introduced in VS2012 Update 1 – Processor named ‘T4VSHost’ could not be found for the directive named ‘CleanupBehavior’.

Brian Sullivan blogged about Entity Framework Code-First Performance Issue with String Queries.