Entity Framework Links #4

This is the fourth post in a regular series to recap interesting articles, posts and other happenings in the EF world.

Entity Framework 6

Since our last EF Links post we announced the availability of EF6 Alpha 3. Of particular note, this preview introduced support of mapping to insert/update/delete stored procedures with Code First and connection resiliency to automatically recover from transient connection failures

There were a number of blog posts about new features coming in EF6:

We also shared some changes we are planning to make to custom conventions to improve this new feature. These changes will be included in a future preview.

Entity Framework 5

Julie Lerman appeared on Visual Studio Toolbox sharing Entity Framework tips and tricks. She also released a Getting Started with Entity Framework 5 course on Pluralsight

Rowan Miller published a two part series about extending and customizing Code First models at runtime (Part 1, Part 2).

EF Power Tools

We announced Beta 3 of the EF Power Tools. We also shared plans to provide a single set of tooling for EF, which means we won’t be releasing an RTM version of the Power Tools. However, we will continue to maintain Beta releases of the Power Tools until the functionality becomes available in a pre-release version of the primary EF tooling.