Entity Framework Links #2

This is the second post in a regular series to recap interesting articles, posts and other happenings in the EF world.

The EF Team is now on Twitter and Facebook, follow us to stay updated on a daily basis.

Our team recently announced the release of EF6 Alpha 1, the first preview of the EF6 release. The announcement post contains a bunch of links to walkthroughs and specifications for the exciting new features. There are some features we plan to include in the final release of EF6 that aren’t included in Alpha 1, see the Roadmap page for a complete list of EF6 features.

Brice Lambson started a blog series on using EF with third party databases, so far he has covered SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

At the //build/ conference, Rowan Miller presented on Building data centric applications for web, desktop and mobile with Entity Framework 5. You can get the source code from the session on his blog.

Julie Lerman blogged about making your way around the Open Source Entity Framework CodePlex Site and about her experience digging in to Multi-Tenant Migrations with EF6 Alpha.

We published some new content to the EF site, including Stored Procedures with Multiple Result Sets, WinForms Data Binding, Entity Splitting with the EF Designer, and Table Splitting with the EF Designer.


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