DataDirect Releases Entity Framework Provider for Oracle


The information in this post is out of date.

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DataDirect recently announced the release of their DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET Entity Framework provider for Oracle.

The DataDirect Connect for ADO.NET Entity Framework provider for Oracle offers:

  • All features supported with 100% managed code architecture: no need for the Oracle client – ever!
  • Superior development-time and runtime performance and scalability while using less CPU and memory resources
  • EDM portability across data sources (including SQL Server) with flexible model support
  • Automatic context detection to ensure optimal performance under the Entity Framework
  • Standard EDM context extensions to expose key Oracle features such as schemas, REF CURSORs, and packages
  • Security and reliability features including Kerberos, SSL, failover, load balancing, RAC, and XA transactions
  • Logging Application Block support to capture SQL generated by the Entity Framework for database optimization and tuning
  • Interoperable platform for future DataDirect ADO.NET Entity Framework providers
  • 7 x 24 phone, email, and web-based technical support.

For more information or to download a trial check out

Congratulations to everyone at DataDirect who contributed to the release!

-Elisa Flasko,
Program Manager, Data Programmability