Announcing: Entity Framework Feature CTP 1


The information in this post is out of date.

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Today we are announcing the availability of the Microsoft Entity Framework Feature CTP 1 for the .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1.  You can download the Feature CTP 1 from here.  This Feature CTP enables a number of scenarios that we’ve mentioned on the blog previously and now have a set of walk throughs for everybody to start playing with the features: 

1) Better N-Tier Support with Self Tracking Entities

2) POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects) entity code generation via the POCO Template

3) Writing only code and having it work with the Entity Framework via Code Only.

We weren’t able to ship these capabilities in the .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1 so we’ve decided to release them alongside the Beta.  This CTP is an early preview of these features and as such we’re looking for lots of feedback on these components.  This functionality is currently not scheduled to be part of the .NET Framework 4.0 and we expect to release another CTP of these features based on the feedback we get from you.  Make sure to enter bugs via Microsoft Connect for the Visual Studio 2010 & .NET Framework 4.0 Beta located here.  You can also discuss them in the forum for the Entity Framework 4.0 Beta.

Carl Perry
Program Manager, Entity Framework