IBM’s ADO.NET Provider Supports the Entity Framework!


The information in this post is out of date.

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Time for another update on Entity Framework-enabled ADO.NET providers.

It is my pleasure to announce that IBM has added Entity Framework support to their ADO.NET provider.  The provider supports DB2, Informix and U2 databases.  For more information on the specific versions of the IBM data servers supported, see this page on the IBM web site.


Congratulations to everyone at IBM who contributed to the release, and a special thanks to Brent Gross and Praveen Ghantasala for all of the feedback they provided back to the Entity Framework team!



David Sceppa
ADO.NET Program Manager


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    I’ve been looking at the DB2 ADO.NET provider and am wondering if boolean values are supported.  Our DB2 database uses smallint for boolean values and in my msl I’m being forced to use QueryViews to convert them by way of SELECT VALUE x.x(x.BoolColumn = 1) as x.  This really limits its usefulness.

  2. camainc

    Does this work with EF 4.0 and VS2010? For the life of me I cannot get the DB2 providers to show up in the data source dialogs for the model designer.

  3. satish

    Hi ,

    We are using 8.1 version of Db2. We are connecting from Db2 Connect 9.1 version.

    I was trying to use ADO Entity feature . There are several fixes and drivers in the site.

    Which one we have to use  Data driver for .net an add in visualstudio for 2005 and 2008.?

  4. Enrique Ferreyra

    It only supports database first approach and if you are very lucky.