Entity Client

  With the next release of the .NET Framework, ADO.NET will introduce a new member of the family of data providers – EntityClient. The mission of EntityClient is to provide a gateway for entity-level queries. Through EntityClient one queries against a conceptual model, not against a specific store implementation of that model. EntityClient does not… Read more

Nulls – LINQ to DataSets Part 3

    In previous posts I have spent time talking about LINQ to DataSet, and how it can help you write better code, and how you can write some very interesting queries with DataSet. Today I am going to talk more about nulls, which is one of the areas in which there is a lot… Read more

Entity Data Model 101 – Part 2

    Entity Containers In part one of this article we looked at declarations of entity and association types in conceptual schema definition language (CSDL). Now we have to be specific about where instances of those types are stored, which we refer to as “scope”. First, we must distinguish entity and association types from instances… Read more

Type safety – LINQ to DataSets Part 2

    Back in the first post of this LINQ to DataSet series, I spent some time talking about what LINQ to DataSet is, and how it can be used to supplement the existing query capabilities in terms of what kind of queries you can write. Today, I will talk about how LINQ provides more… Read more

Entity Data Model 101: Part 1

  Most developers are familiar with the Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) problem: databases use the abstraction of rows in tables, but application programs use the abstraction of classes and objects. Existing ORM frameworks tend to address this mismatch by allowing programming classes to be annotated in order to relate them to the database. The intent with… Read more

Querying DataSets – Introduction to LINQ to DataSet

Greetings fellow data junkies! My name is Erick Thompson, a PM at Microsoft who is working on driving ADO.NET forward to utilize the latest and best technology that we have coming down the pipe. In that context, I am excited to tell you about LINQ to DataSet, a new and powerful way to write queries… Read more

Event: ADO.NET Provider Writer Tech Preview, February 6 – 8, 2007

What: The ADO.NET Provider Writer Tech Preview is an opportunity for ADO.NET provider writers to: –          Gain an in-depth understanding of the features planned for the next major release of ADO.NET –          Work with an early version of the upcoming community tech preview bits –          Review product plans and specs –          Meet the Data Programmability… Read more