.NET Rocks with the ADO.NET Team!

Daniel Simmons, ADO.NET Dev Lead, recently sat down with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks to talk in depth about the new ADO.NET Entity Framework. Check out Show #226 and learn more about Microsoft’s vision for the Entity Framework long-term and how it is being realized in current development efforts, as well as in releases such as the… Read more

EDM Wizard and Designer Featured in VSLive! San Francisco Keynote

Britt Johnston, Director, Data Programmability at Microsoft gave a Keynote speech this morning at VSLive in San Francisco. In his presentation, Britt spoke largely about the idea of Conceptual Data Programming and Microsoft’s vision for Data Access: raising the level of abstraction around data access to allow developers to be more productive and allow us to write less code. Britt… Read more

ADO.NET Orcas: Sample Provider

  Last month, the ADO.NET team hosted a number of ADO.NET Data Provider writers on campus to present information on how to enhance an existing provider to support the Entity Framework features in the upcoming Orcas release.  To help provider writers who were unable to attend, we’re publishing the material we presented to our team… Read more

Inheritance in the Entity Framework

  One of the coolest features of the ADO.NET Entity Framework is the ability to use inheritance in your database! Very cool, but what does it mean, and why is it important?   War of the worlds   Relational The world of relational data is based around tuples, which have an inherent two dimensional structure…. Read more

101 LINQ Samples Updated

The 101 LINQ Samples that were included in the March CTP have now been updated to include the 101 LINQ to Entities Samples.  To check out the newest samples (updated April 17th) download from here. Cheers, Elisa JohnsonData Programmability Community Program Manager   … Read more

Using Stored Procedures for Change Processing in the ADO.NET Entity Framework

  Most people who’ve played with the ADO.NET Entity Framework eventually ask whether they can replace the SQL statements it generates with stored procedures of their own. This is important in many applications because direct table access is not allowed. Current builds of the Entity Framework support using stored procedures for inserting, updating, and deleting… Read more

LINQ – XElement and Entities

  With LINQ we get a common data programming experience across multiple data sources. We can query in-memory collections, relational tables and XML. The other day I was looking at the various LINQ-XML examples and thought to myself that I would like to play around with loading my database from a remote XML source. Using… Read more

Object Services – Write less code

  One of the main features of the Entity Framework revolves around Object Services. The main points of Object services are to write less code and allow programmers to program against objects to access the data that’s stored in a database or possibly anywhere. We can consider this feature as a road to CRUD; where… Read more

RSS Feeds with ADO.NET Entity Framework and the ASP.NET RSS Toolkit

  The ASP.NET team has released the RSS toolkit beta on sandbox.asp.net. This led me to want to tinker with exposing some RSS feeds using ADO.NET Entity Framework to retrieve the data. I pulled the toolkit and within 10 minutes had my first couple of feeds going.   Pretty simple, yet cool stuff. The RSS… Read more

Mapping 101: Part 1

  Now that you’re getting accustomed to the Entity Framework and Entity Data Model (Entity Data Model 101: Part 1 and Entity Data Model 101: Part 2), we’ll now take a look at the Object Relational Mapping (ORM) characteristics of the Entity Framework.  We’ll post several “Mapping 101” topics to describe the content of the… Read more