Are you Attending TechEd???

The ADO.NET will be conducting a focus group on LINQ/EDM at TechEd 2007 to help define the direction of LINQ to Entities. If you are interested in participating, please check out the details below:     Subject: Share your perspectives and help shape the direction LINQ/EDM, at TechEd 2007!   Overview The Microsoft LINQ/EDM team would like to… Read more

ADO.NET at the Advisor Summit

  Last week at the Advisor Summit conference I gave a talk introducing new LINQ functionality being introduced in the Orcas timeframe (and beyond).    As you probably know if you’ve been reading this blog regularly, LINQ functionality will begin to ship as part of Visual Studio Codename “Orcas” and the .NET Framework. The Orcas… Read more

Mapping 101: Part 2 – Association Mapping

  Continuing along with posts on the essentials of Entity Framework mapping (see Mapping 101: Part 1), we’ll next take a look beyond the basics of mapping containers and sets which are essential in every model and start to look at more complex scenarios.    As with the first part to our Mapping 101 blog… Read more

Astoria and Jasper on Channel 9

A couple of weeks ago, the Astoria and Jasper teams sat down (separately) with Charles Torre of Channel 9 to discuss each of these new products. To view an indepth Astoria whiteboard session with Pablo Castro check out ; for upclose demos and discussion with the Jasper team check out …. Read more

Project Codename "Jasper" – Announced at Mix 07

This week at Mix 07, Shyam Pather and Sam Druker will present Microsoft Codename “Jasper”, an ADO.NET incubation project for building quick, clean and iterative applications! Building data-serving applications can be cumbersome and time consuming, requiring developers to create their own data layer, write queries, and then hook everything up to a UI. Using “Jasper”,… Read more

Project Codename "Astoria" – Announced at Mix 07

Today at Mix 07, the ADO.NET team will speak for first time about an incubation project that they have been working on, Project Codename “Astoria”. With the announcement of Microsoft Silverlight and technologies like AJAX, a new wave of web applications are now being built that enable developers to build better, richer user experiences on the web…. Read more

ADO.NET Entity Framework Update

Microsoft is deepening its investment in the ADO.NET Entity Framework as a critical piece of Microsoft’s Data Platform vision. Based on the need to align with requirements from key internal partners that are building on the Entity Framework, along with the need for a better tool experience, we have decided to ship the ADO.NET Entity… Read more

Entity Framework Orcas Beta 1 – EDM Wizard Fixed

Late last week, after bits had been finalized, we found a bug in the ADO.NET Entity Data Model Wizard that shipped with Visual Studio “Orcas” beta 1. The problem has now been corrected.   Please download and install the patch available at: to fix the problem.   Thank you, Sanjay Nagamangalam Program Manager, ADO.NET… Read more

ADO.NET Entity Framework – Orcas Beta 1

  What else do you need to know about the Entity Framework?  We’ve documented basic syntax and provided a few samples.  How can we improve the documentation?  Send us scenarios you want to implement.   Orcas Beta 1 contains the ADO.NET Entity Framework.  This technology requires new ways of thinking about data applications.  The documentation… Read more