New ADO.NET Team Members – Part 3

Alex recently joined the ADO.NET Team as a Metadata PM for the EDM and EF, and is an avid blogger. You can check out Alex’s personal blog at to learn more about him and what he is working on, and expect to see more of Alex’s posts showing up on this blog…  … Read more

New ADO.NET Team Members – Part 2

Hi – I’m Faisal Mohamood and I’m a Program Manager for LINQ to SQL and Object Services for Entity Framework.  I’m a fairly recent addition to the team, and prior to this I was Program Manager on the Visual Studio Platform team, looking after parts of MSBuild and the Visual Studio platform.   I see… Read more

New ADO.NET Team Members – Part 1

My name is Diego Vega and I joined the Entity Framework team in last October. I am the new Program Manager working on LINQ to Entities & Databinding. My background is in software development and before coming to Microsoft I worked for ISVs and small software companies for a long time. It is a great… Read more

Connecting to Pre-Release Versions of SQL Server 2008

Testing has identified some issues connecting to versions of SQL Server 2008 from applications using the .NET Framework v2.0 SP1 or developers using Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008. These connectivity issues should be considered before upgrading any end-user systems to Vista SP1 Beta or Windows Server 2008 RC0, upgrading a backend database to… Read more

Entity Data Model Designer Video

We’ve created a Camtasia™ video, available here, demonstrating some of the features of the Entity Data Model Designer. This video was just shown at VSLive in Las Vegas and demonstrates some of the mapping capabilities of the tools and runtime, including entity splitting and a mix of  table-per-hierarchy and table-per-type mapping strategies. We also show… Read more

Getting Started with the Entity Framework

We recently posted some great new samples to help you get started with the Entity Framework. Check out these and more samples on our Codeplex site at    Elisa Flasko Program Manager, Data Programmability… Read more

Sample ADO.NET Entity Framework Provider – Beta 2

We’ve updated the sample provider to work with Beta 2 of the ADO.NET Entity Framework.  The sample provider is available here. The sample provider has undergone some minor changes in moving from Beta 1 to Beta 2. The DbProviderServices class has been enhanced to support returning the mapping file that the EdmGen.exe command-line tool uses… Read more

Data Development Bonus Track – Devconnections Fall 2007

  There’s a new Bonus Track at at DevConnections this Fall! Come and check out sessions in the new Data Access Bonus track to learn more about the many new, and not so new, Microsoft products providing developers with a more positive and efficient experience developing data-aware applications regardless of the technology that you choose as the basis… Read more

Astoria CTP Refresh for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2!

You asked for it… now it’s here! The Astoria team has just released a refresh of the Astoria Prototype CTP to work with Visual Studio Beta 2 and the Entity Framework Beta 2. The Astoria September 2007 CTP is now available for download. This CTP is a refresh of the May CTP/Prototype bits recompiled so they… Read more