Please Give Feedback on Entity Framework Docs

We rely on your feedback to help define and improve the Entity Framework documentation. Please feel free to send feedback to the documentation team regarding any of the following issues:

· When a topic is particularly effective or ineffective.

· When the topic doesn’t reflect the product behavior (i.e. there’s a doc bug).

· When an important use case or scenario is not covered or more documentation or examples are needed.

In the Beta 2 release of the Entity Framework, help topics are available online in the MSDN Library. They are also installed locally with the Entity Framework Tools Beta 2. Local help files can be accessed from the ADO.NET Entity Framework group in the Start menu. The procedure for providing feedback differs slightly between MSDN and local help. When you provide feedback on a topic, your response is routed directly to the topic owner.

To provide feedback from a topic in the MSDN Library:

1. In the topic about which you want to provide feedback, move your mouse over the Click to Rate and Give Feedback link at the top right of the page, and then enter your feedback in displayed area. MSDN feedback is anonymous, so include your name and email address if are willing to be contacted in case we need more information from you.

2. (Optional) Select a star rating based on your perception of the topic, with 5 stars as best and 1 star as worst.

3. Click the Send button.

To provide feedback from a topic in the local help viewer:

1. In the topic about which you want to provide feedback, click the Send Feedback link at the top right of the page, select a rating (optional), and click Send Feedback. This creates a feedback email using you default mail program.

2. Enter your feedback in the body of the email. Do not alter the subject line.

3. Send the email message.

Note: Feedback from local help is not anonymous, so please let us know if you do not want to be contacted.

When providing feedback on a local help topic, please keep the following in mind:

There are three help files that are installed by Beta 2 with this CTP:

· Help Overview (wd_entityFramework.chm) – contains Entity Framework runtime and LINQ to Entities documentation.

· Class Reference (wd_entityMREF.chm) – managed reference documentation.

· Tools Help (wd_entitytools.chm) – Entity Framework tools documentation.

Because the locally installed documentation for the Entity Framework in the Beta 2 release is delivered using .chm-based help files, links between each of the three help files and between other .NET Framework reference topics appear bold instead of as links. Bolded class and member names in the conceptual topics can be found in the index of the Entity Framework reference help (wd_entityMREF.chm).  Bolded topic titles in the reference help refer to topics in the conceptual help topics (wd_entityFramework.chm and wd_entitytools.chm) that can be found in the table of contents or by using search.


Glenn Gailey
Entity Framework UE