Project Codename "Jasper" – Announced at Mix 07

This week at Mix 07, Shyam Pather and Sam Druker will present Microsoft Codename “Jasper”, an ADO.NET incubation project for building quick, clean and iterative applications! Building data-serving applications can be cumbersome and time consuming, requiring developers to create their own data layer, write queries, and then hook everything up to a UI. Using “Jasper”, developers start with a connection string and can immediately begin programming the core of an application. “Jasper” uses a set of new technologies to make this happen:



·         Dynamic generation of data classes so there is no configuration or design time code-gen to carry around.

·         Rich query and O/R capabilities because “Jasper” is built on top of the Entity Framework.

·         Auto-binding capabilities for ASP.NET, WinForms, and WPF to make binding data to a UI simple and automatic.


So when it’s Friday afternoon and you are pressed to build a prototype for your company’s new message forum web app, it’s time for “Jasper”. You start by building your UI with a few pages for navigating categories and browsing and adding messages. Done, but only a half hour until the big game starts and it’s going to take forever to wire this to the database. Wrong. With “Jasper”, it’s done in a handful of lines of code. The data classes are available on-the-fly, there is no UI binding code to write, and you even have extra time to write a few reporting  pages using custom queries. Wow, nice job! You can see Shyam Pather do just this at Mix 07: “Rapidly Building Data Driven Web Pages with Dynamic ADO.NET”.


For more information or to download the CTP, check out these sites:


·         Learn more about “Jasper” on the MSDN Data Access Incubation Projects site

·         Download the Jasper CTP

·         Team blogs

o   Andy Conrad’s blog

o   Carl Perry’s blog

o   Shyam Pather’s blog

o   The VB Team Blog


Jeff Derstadt

Software Design Engineer, Data Programmability