The ADO.NET Entity Framework – Not Just For SQL Server!

As you’re hopefully aware, Beta 3 of the ADO.NET Entity Framework is already available.  If not, see the ADO.NET team blog here. You may not be aware of the various ADO.NET provider writers who are publicly pledging their support for the Entity Framework.  You can read the entire press release, including information about ADO.NET Data… Read more

Sample ADO.NET Entity Framework Provider – Beta 3

We’ve updated the sample provider to work with Beta 3 of the ADO.NET Entity Framework.  The sample provider is available for download as an attachment to this blog post. The sample provider has undergone some minor changes in moving from Beta 2 to Beta 3.  The biggest such in the sample provider is due to… Read more

Entity Data Model Designer Video – CTP 2

We have created a new Camtasia video that demonstrates a number of important new features in the Entity Data Model Tools December CTP. First, it is now possible to visually map the insert, update, and delete stored procedures for entity types. Additionally, support for function imports allows the mapping of query stored procedures that return… Read more

ADO.NET Data Services CTP Released

The December CTP of ADO.NET Data Services (also known as Project Astoria) has been Released! You can download the CTP here as part of the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions preview release.  For more information on ADO.NET Data Services check out . Elisa FlaskoProgram Manager, Data Programmability… Read more

Database Vendors and 3rd Party Providers Support

CoreLab: “Core Lab provides high-quality solutions for native connectivity, database design and management for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. Due to intensive use of design time features and advanced technologies, the ADO.NET data providers from Core Lab simplify development of database applications to the level where it is completely easy to understand and use.”  … Read more

Entity Framework Beta 3 – Breaking Changes

There were a number of changes to the Entity Framework between Beta 2 and Beta 3 that will require updates to existing source code. These breaking changes can be found here including the mitigation for adjusting to the new behavior, and a side by side comparison of Beta 2 code and Beta 3 code.  … Read more

Entity Designer CTP2

You asked and we listened. The Dec 2007 CTP of the Entity Designer is available here and works over Visual Studio 2008 RTM and the Entity Framework runtime beta 3. We have enhanced the designer to enable several new scenarios and fixed a slew of bugs since our August 2007 CTP.   Here’s a brief… Read more

Breaking Changes- Entity Framework Beta 3

EDM Changes   1.       CommandText attribute on Function element in SSDL schema has been changed to a child Element.   Mitigation  If you used the CommandText attribute on Function elements, change it to a Child Element.   Beta 2 Code <Function Name=”InsertProduct” IsComposable=”false” CommandText=”Insert Products …”>   Beta 3 Code <Function Name=”InsertProduct” IsComposable=”false” >  <CommandText>Insert… Read more

ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 3 Released!

Announcing the release of the ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 3!   The  ADO.NET Entity Framework Beta 3 release enables users to visually design models and mappings using Visual Studio 2008 RTM and the .NET Framework 3.5 RTM. This release also incorporates fixes to bugs, performance improvements and includes many features requested by customers.   New features for… Read more