Ship Day!

Horray! We have finally shipped the revised version of the ADMP for Operations Manager 2007. The product teams from both Operations Manager and Directory Services have invested a huge amount of time and effort in constructing a well-built, high quality management pack. Along with this, we went through the ADMP guide and added loads of content to lead an administrator through each step from deployment to configuration to tuning.

You can download the newest version from here.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to expand on the documentation in the guide. I fully expect to walk through a number of examples anf scenarios, such as configuring replication monitoring, deploying client perspective monitoring, and running reports.

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  1. steveburkett says:

    Yo Ryan, any advance on when the next version of the AD MP is due, and are the revised docs on their way still? More walkthroughs on configuration would be a god send.

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