Azure Storage Data Movement Uploader in Five Commits

I have two goals: Learn more about Git and learn about DMLib. Azure Storage Data Movement Library (DMLib) has the same performance and exposes the core functionalities of AzCopy and this is an awesome super(ficial) review of one of its methods. It’s not that in-depth, but it does a good job of checking just beneath…

Deploy to Azure Resource Groups using the SDK

  Authentication Start by adding the ADAL nuget package. Install-Package Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory Then add this file to your project: The first line of code in your app will be… string token = AuthHelper.GetAuthorizationHeader(); That’s it for authentication!     Setup the Resource Management Client Start by adding the Azure Resource Management NuGet package. Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Management.Resources Then…

Authenticate to the Azure Service Management API

So, back in the day we used x509 Certificates to authenticate to Azure’s API. A year or so ago, Azure Active Directory became the defacto method of authentication. MSDN talks about it in the article: Authenticating Azure Resource Manager requests. From the article: “All of the tasks that you do on resources using the Azure…

Visual Studio 2012 on Surface RT

This is a short video showing my Surface RT running Visual Studio 2012. A how-to is coming soon, so stay tuned! To read more >>


PowerShell and the Kinect

A few months back I wrote a “module” for scripting the Kinect with PowerShell. It’s located at: Recently a new Kinect SDK was released. I’m going to be testing out the new SDK to make sure everything works as expected. To read more >>

Install Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012

Here is a short video showing how to install Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012. I use these tools to do SharePoint 2013 development. To read more >>