Visual Studio 2012 on Surface RT

This is a short video showing my Surface RT running Visual Studio 2012. A how-to is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Jadid Herrera says:

    Hey Ian, I'm having some trouble completing the setup of my Windows Azure server for RD access on my Surface. I believe I have setup all that I need but I still can't access my Visual Studio from my Surface. Any pointer as to where to go to verify I have all the right settings setup? Thanks!

  2. Ian Philpot says:

    Hey Jadid glad to see your doing this! I am in the process of getting a How to out on this. Some of the settings I use are the quick deploy option and session broker. Once it's up I install Visual Studio 2012 and publish it to my QuickSessionCollection.

    On the Surface go to Control Panel > Remote App and Desktop Connections and add the connection. If you've added the connection before publishing the app you may need to hit the "Update now" button under the connection properties.

    Let me know if this helps…

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