How-to: Download VMs From Windows Azure

Today I was trying to download a few of the VMs I have running at azure. After a couple of minutes on Bing I had a plan. First you’ll need your storage Account ID and the Primary Access Key. The Storage Account ID can be found easily on the Preview Portal or using PowerShell. However…


Moving a SharePoint 2010 Content Database to a Different Drive

Let’s say you have a ContentDB that’s growing larger. I know, crazy idea right… Anyhow, the SQL server is running out of drive space. The solution is to move the ContentDB. There are two ways of going about this. One is to move to a new server instance. While this is a valid and supported…


10 Useful SharePoint 2013 Preview Downloads

Downloadable eBook: Deployment guide for SharePoint 2013 Preview SharePoint 2013 Preview Upgrade Process Databases that support SharePoint 2013 Preview Services in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview Backup and restore: SharePoint Server 2013 Preview Topologies for SharePoint 2013 Preview SharePoint 2013 Preview: App Overview for IT Pro Enterprise search architectures…


SharePoint 2013 Prerequisites and Errors I’ve seen

Like its predecessors, SharePoint 2013 has a whole list of prerequisites to install. Not unexpected, but yet it’s a hoop we need to plan on jumping through. SharePoint 2013’s prereqs are: Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5 Release Candidate (RC) Windows Management Framework 3.0 Release Candidate (RC) Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role Microsoft SQL Server…


What are the text file special characters?

Just some notes I have in my PowerShell profile… <# Text File Special Characters # —  `0    – (zero)Null–  `a    – Alert–  `b    – Backspace–  `f    – Form feed–  `n    – New line–  `r    – Carriage return–  `t    – Horizontal tab —  `v    – Vertical tab–  `r`n  – Carriage return line feed # End of…


SharePoint 2010 Solution and Feature Deployment

In SharePoint 2010 PowerShell should be used to deploy solutions and enable features. There are a number of cmdlets used in this process. PowerShell Cmdlets To  add a solution to SharePoint previously used: ·         Stsadm –o addsolution In PowerShell you should now use: ·         Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath c:\contoso_solution.wsp ·   Once the solution is added…


Using the ULSViewer and Correlation ID’s in SharePoint 2010

[View:] This is a quick and dirty screencast. It’s pretty basic and I hope it helps.