Windows Home Server – links

A friend of mine didn’t know about Windows Home Server – so I sent him these links: –          Main site: –          Interview with Charlie Kindel –          Download: –          Articol on Wikipedia: –          Blog:   –          Press release:


The evolution of customer support

–          2000 – You call their customer support. “Wait a second – did you actually install an application after installing our sound card? We don’t support this configuration. <hang>” (and that guy will likely get promoted for solving most support calls in record time). –          2001 – You call their customer support. Nobody answers because…


Lock-free programming: used now in games!

Lock-free programming is a performant multi-threaded synchronization technique that allows you to safely manage in-memory data in a controlled manner. In its essence, the idea is to write your multi-threaded programs without using locks. Why is this better? For one thing, using OS constructs like mutexes will sometime induce an additional performance penalty. For example, the occasional user-mode/kernel-mode…