Statcounter: Bing leapfrogs Yahoo again

You might remember as the site that came in the news a few weeks ago when Bing overtook Yahoo, due to the sudden interest immediately after launch. Back then, as many predicted, it didn’t last long, as people quickly switched back to their old search habits. But I just checked the Statcounter site and noticed…

Bing Community – an undiscovered site

Check it out: Nice layout & content organization. Much better organized when comparing it with the typical forums/community sites that you see on Microsoft sites or MSDN (or other non-Microsoft ones)

What does Bing stands for?

In my personal opinion, BING = Bing Is Not Google (to continue the tradition of recursive acronyms) And it’s true. Bing attempts to be a decision engine, not just another search engine. It is interesting that Google itself has an “I’m feeling Lucky” button, but using it simply means that you let the search engine…

Yet another 3D photo wonder is now available – Microsoft Photosynth is available for preview

Try it here: It is an interesting approach of building a 3D world from a bunch of 2D photos taken anywhere. Coincidentally, Microsoft just released 3D maps in Windows Live Local, which also succeed to build 3D models of cities simply by getting data from a camera floating around in a plane.


Search Engines and Privacy

The recent AOL scandal had one and only one learning lesson for any software company. Think 10x, 100x, 1000x about customer privacy. There is a large amount of discussions, opinions, passion on the blogosphere, but I don’t think that anyone disagrees with the point above. However, there is an alternate learning lesson that applies to you, or…


Digg surpasses Slashdot?

Looking at Alexa, we can definitely see a trend: Alexa might be contested, however. And, speaking of trends, Google Trends tells us a similar thing, this time with respect to Google search volume: slashdot    digg       


New launched!

Check it out: Personally, I like the smart scroll feature. 


Walking the long road ahead

Recently there was a lot of noise in the media about a Microsoft official (Neil Holloway – President of Microsoft EU) “saying” that we will be twice as good as Google in six months. Then I was pleasantly surprised that Neil soon corrected this misquote. Where? On a blog (John Batelle’s blog). That is, directly, without official press statements and…

Favorites – this time, for real!

Finally! I just noticed a new service in the family: Live Favorites ( You can import your existing IE favorites, organize them with drag-and-drop via an AJAX interface, etc.