[RO] Seminar – Storage si programare distribuita

Florin Lazar, Todi Pruteanu si cu mine am demarat in cursul acestei saptamani un seminar tehnic pe teme de storage in Vista si programare distribuita in WCF. Mai multe detalii aici: http://reg.studentclub.ro. Pana acum seminariile din Bucuresti si Cluj au avut un raspuns fantastic! Daca aveti opinii, impresii (pozitive sau negative) m-as bucura sa le puneti…


My top 10 predictions for 2006 – seven out of ten. What went well?

It’s a funny exercise which I would recommend to you as well: pick 10 (less-predictable) predictions and see what would happen. Let’s take my previous predictions for 2006: Let’s see how this game will play out: 1) Amazon will come up with more and more interesting stuff. I expect to be surprised. Yes: I thought…


Vista – any opinions? Let us know. It’s not over yet…

Vaibhav Kamath asked on one of my previous posts if there will be any UI changes after Vista RC1. The answer – no major changes, of course. Just fit & finish at this point. If you have any comments or issues around Vista, please log them on our forum, or even in the comments area of…


Gartner redesigns Windows Vista

There is an article in Techworld.com mentioning a curious research report from Gartner implying a redesign of the Windows Vista code base, around virtualization. Huh? To quote from the article: Instead, the research firm predicts, Microsoft will be forced to migrate Windows to a modular architecture tied together through hardware-supported virtualisation. “The current, integrated architecture of…


New hard drive price war coming

Seagate, Hitachi and Samsung will compete for more price cuts for harddisks in the near future. The toughest competition seems to be on the low-end, 80 GB harddisk models. So, what do you think the new non-rebate price would be for, say, 160 GB drives?  [source: USA Today]


Carbonite: discovered (or something like it)

When I was in 7-8 grade I saw (as anyone else) the StarWars episodes. After this experience, I still had lots of unanswered questions. For example, what is carbonite – the black material they used to pack Han Solo in Episode 5? Hmmm… I had that question stuck in my head for a while. Maybe I don’t…


Poincare’s conjecture proof completed?

A few years ago, I was surprised to see an announcement in Mathworld stating (again) that the Poincare conjecture has been proved. “This time for real” they said. Being skeptical, I waited for more independent confirmation of this result… which never came. The author of the proof was a respected professor (Dr. Grigori Perelman).   Today,…


Digg surpasses Slashdot?

Looking at Alexa, we can definitely see a trend: Alexa might be contested, however. And, speaking of trends, Google Trends tells us a similar thing, this time with respect to Google search volume: slashdot    digg       


Overhype – a new global epidemy in the blogosphere?

Overhype is something very noticeable these days. Just last week, everyone on the blogosphere (except me, of course 🙂 was trying to guess what Apple will announce. After the announcement, people were a little bit dissapointed (there is even an article about his on CNet). Why? Apple did nothing wrong. IMHO, it is just the amount…


What is the quickest way to get the file system type on a volume?

A colleague of mine says that whenever he wants to see what file system is on some volume, he types CHKDSK, then <ENTER>, then ^C. You get something like this: C:\Users\aoltean>chkdskThe type of the file system is NTFS. C:\Users\aoltean> Of course, the “official” command look more verbose, in the lines of: C:\Users\aoltean>fsutil fsinfo volumeinfo c:\Volume Name…