A simple way to access Shadow Copies in Vista

In the past, I presented various ways to browse these mysterious device objects called "shadow copies". Shadow copies are static images in time (snapshots) of your volume contents, at some point in the past. These shadow copies are volumes on their own, with a file system namespace accessible through the regular Win32 APIs such as…


.NET Framework source code – public

I sure hope that you will appreciate this – the .NET 3.5 source code will be publicly released. Initially, we will see .NET BCL, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, ADO.NET, XML and WPF. Later, more libraries will be added (WCF – yes!), LINQ and Workflow.


[RO] Seminar – Storage si programare distribuita

Florin Lazar, Todi Pruteanu si cu mine am demarat in cursul acestei saptamani un seminar tehnic pe teme de storage in Vista si programare distribuita in WCF. Mai multe detalii aici: http://reg.studentclub.ro. Pana acum seminariile din Bucuresti si Cluj au avut un raspuns fantastic! Daca aveti opinii, impresii (pozitive sau negative) m-as bucura sa le puneti…


Previous Versions in Vista – on Channel 9!

Hot and fresh from Channel 9: a session on Shadow Copies in Vista, and its applications: Previous Versions and the brand-new System Restore. Check it out.


The intentional slowdown

The Daily WTF has a funny story around intentional slowdowns. I have one story to share as well. Back in the college days, when we were still busy with exams and courses, some of my friends started working at various companies in our city (Bucharest). One of them managed to get a contractor position at…


Lock-free programming: used now in games!

Lock-free programming is a performant multi-threaded synchronization technique that allows you to safely manage in-memory data in a controlled manner. In its essence, the idea is to write your multi-threaded programs without using locks. Why is this better? For one thing, using OS constructs like mutexes will sometime induce an additional performance penalty. For example, the occasional user-mode/kernel-mode…


IronPython 1.0 released!

Jim Hugunin just published the IronPython 1.0 download path here: http://www.codeplex.com/IronPython As an open-source product, it was an interesting exercise in deep integration between a highly dynamic language to the language-independent CLR environment.


Gartner redesigns Windows Vista

There is an article in Techworld.com mentioning a curious research report from Gartner implying a redesign of the Windows Vista code base, around virtualization. Huh? To quote from the article: Instead, the research firm predicts, Microsoft will be forced to migrate Windows to a modular architecture tied together through hardware-supported virtualisation. “The current, integrated architecture of…


WS-Management? Already here in Vista!

WS-Management is a new web services-based management protocol. It’s SOAP-based of course, and it is compatible with the rest of the specifications in the WS-* Web Service stack, like WS-Transfer, WS-Enumeration, WS-Addressing. WS-Management is enabled in Vista (and Longhorn Server) in several ways. On the client side, you have a standard library (called WinRM) which…


Ahh, backups… the eternal conversation subject

Finally! The wait is over. Brett Shirley started to blog. As I expected, Brett started with a highly technical, but very interesting story. You might not believe it, but many customers are very optimistic, and they never perform backups of their critical systems. So Brett added an event log entry (Event ID 2089) that gently reminds you…