.NET Framework source code – public

I sure hope that you will appreciate this – the .NET 3.5 source code will be publicly released. Initially, we will see .NET BCL, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, ADO.NET, XML and WPF. Later, more libraries will be added (WCF – yes!), LINQ and Workflow.


[RO] Seminar – Storage si programare distribuita

Florin Lazar, Todi Pruteanu si cu mine am demarat in cursul acestei saptamani un seminar tehnic pe teme de storage in Vista si programare distribuita in WCF. Mai multe detalii aici: http://reg.studentclub.ro. Pana acum seminariile din Bucuresti si Cluj au avut un raspuns fantastic! Daca aveti opinii, impresii (pozitive sau negative) m-as bucura sa le puneti…


WS-Management? Already here in Vista!

WS-Management is a new web services-based management protocol. It’s SOAP-based of course, and it is compatible with the rest of the specifications in the WS-* Web Service stack, like WS-Transfer, WS-Enumeration, WS-Addressing. WS-Management is enabled in Vista (and Longhorn Server) in several ways. On the client side, you have a standard library (called WinRM) which…


How to do atomic writes in a file

Let’s assume that you want is to write some simple code that writes to a text file. A few assumptions:1) You need avoid corruptions of any kind. 2) Either all of your writes have to make it to the disk, or none of them. 3) The file is updated serially – no concurrent updates from separate processes are allowed. So…


Did you know that MySpace.com runs ASP.NET 2.0 on x64?

I found this quote interesting: The Internet Information Services 6.0 Web server featured in the OS has been enhanced with 64-bit support. This provides access to more memory and scalability for applications, Goldfarb said. “In high-performance scenarios, it’s very, very important.” 64-bit computing translates to needing fewer servers, requiring less management and lower licensing costs,…


SSE – an RSS extension for two-way synchronization

Ray Ozzie mentioned an interesting variation of the RSS protocol. RSS is essentially a one-way synchronization protocol. What it would take to change the RSS standard in a very minimal way, such that it will work for two-way replication. A simple idea, with very deep implications. The new RSS is now called SSE: Simple Sharing Extensions. You…


Singularity – a new research OS from Microsoft

Here it is: http://research.microsoft.com/os/singularity/ There are several interesting ideas in this new operating system. It’s not just an “OS written in managed code”. There are a new set of techniques in modern software development: contracts, verifiability and static analysis. Singularity combines them in an elegant framework, and applies these notions in the operating system development….


How big is Hotmail?

Huge. Here is some data from a PDC Hotmail presentation: ~200 million active users 3.3 billion inbound emails a day 1.5 billion blocked at the router 1.0 billion deleted as spam (never hits the user’s mailbox) 0.5 billion sent to the junk folder Over 100 million messages sent a day 80 – 100 milllion logins per…


LINQ: a post-modern revolution in software development

Arguably, LINQ (Language Integrated Query) will be the next major revolution in programming languages. LINQ is a language-independent, platform-independent technology that solves an old problem – data queries in your code- in a very elegant way. First, it brings a highly declarative approach in performing queries and data-bindings. Second, it is strongly typed at compile time. Third, it…