Spam Poetry

Those evil spam masters get better and better to attract your attention. Lately, I noticed lots of emails starting, and ending with some text disguised as casual conversation, in the lines of:

industry town. Only there were no people. Neither living nor dead. You could high on the hog in Europe. Swimming in dough."

is something mysterious and maybe even incomprehensible. I've handled quite nut, but maybe he's got something there. Maybe we should leave the devil's "How about a little loan? I have to pay my taxes tomorrow."

remembered everything, knew everything, and understood every- thing. And

I guess that their strategy is to make spam look as close as possible to personal mail, in order to trick spam filters. Well, I hope those spam filters will have an English "recognizer" incorporated (one based on N-grams, for example, would be probably enough). Whatever doesn't make sense should be rejected as spam.

Not sure how the text above was generated. Maybe they mangled random fragments of text from the internet. For example, according to MSN Search, the fragments "Only there were no people. Neither living nor dead. " and "is something mysterious and maybe even incomprehensible" is apparently part of an interview with Arkadi & Boris Strugatski brothers, those who wrote Roadside Picnic (which later became source of inspiration for Stalker by Tarkowski).

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