What is the quickest way to get the file system type on a volume?

A colleague of mine says that whenever he wants to see what file system is on some volume, he types CHKDSK, then <ENTER>, then ^C. You get something like this:

The type of the file system is NTFS.


Of course, the "official" command look more verbose, in the lines of:

C:\Users\aoltean>fsutil fsinfo volumeinfo c:\
Volume Name : Vista
Volume Serial Number : 0xccf4bd60
Max Component Length : 255
File System Name : NTFS
Supports Case-sensitive filenames
Preserves Case of filenames
Supports Unicode in filenames
Preserves & Enforces ACL's
Supports file-based Compression
Supports Disk Quotas
Supports Sparse files
Supports Reparse Points
Supports Object Identifiers
Supports Encrypted File System
Supports Named Streams

But who has time to type FSUTIL FSINFO VOLUMEINFO? That's a lot.

Sometimes, I wish Windows would have the same concision as the good old Unix-style commands. Hopefully Monad will change all that 🙂


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