The OpenSearch 1.1 specification

I just installed a recent Vista build on my dev box, and I noticed a new set of options to add a custom search engine in IE 7. Which got me digging. For your browsing pleasure, here are some links:
- This page describes the current list of providers, and what else needs to be done on the missing providers. The requirements are simple - the search engine must support queries based on the OpenSearch 1.1 standard.
- The IE blog contains a little bit of history around Amazon and Microsoft working together on this standard.
- The A9 developer blog also contains some interesting details.

Comments (1)

  1. Actually there are more OpenSearch 1.1 description files around than those listed on the IE7 page. is the full list from, however most listed there are OpenSearch 1.0, and there isn’t yet a way to show only the 1.1 ones.

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