The evolution of customer support

–          2000 – You call their customer support. “Wait a second – did you actually install an application after installing our sound card? We don’t support this configuration. <hang>” (and that guy will likely get promoted for solving most support calls in record time). –          2001 – You call their customer support. Nobody answers because…


The next generation of storage management is here!

Storage management is complex, we all know it. For many people, even the simplest opeartions in a SAN look like black magic. It’s no wonder why – if you want to, say, create a brand new 5 TB file share using your brand new your SAN box: you need to create a new LUN in your SAN,…


Yet another 3D photo wonder is now available – Microsoft Photosynth is available for preview

Try it here: It is an interesting approach of building a 3D world from a bunch of 2D photos taken anywhere. Coincidentally, Microsoft just released 3D maps in Windows Live Local, which also succeed to build 3D models of cities simply by getting data from a camera floating around in a plane.


Lock-free programming: used now in games!

Lock-free programming is a performant multi-threaded synchronization technique that allows you to safely manage in-memory data in a controlled manner. In its essence, the idea is to write your multi-threaded programs without using locks. Why is this better? For one thing, using OS constructs like mutexes will sometime induce an additional performance penalty. For example, the occasional user-mode/kernel-mode…


Vista is now shipped!

A new OS is born – and I hope you will like it!  


Datacenter in a box

This is an interesting concept. This datacenter looks like a simple cargo container that can be deployed anywhere.   To deploy their cluster, all you need is: 1) A 500 kW electricity source 2) Good network connections. 3) A hose with cooling water 4) A truck to move the container to the desired location 5) And, of…


The new must-have gadget: Flash laptops

The entire world is now slowly shifting to Flash-based storage in mobile devices. The latest trend is to get rid of harddisks in your laptop – and you will have longer battery life, faster shutdown/reboot, better shock-resistance. Not to mention that flash memory takes less space than a harddisk. Fujitsu follows this trend with their…


XBox 360 awarded Good Design Award… in Japan!

This is surprising. I didn’t know that the XBox 360 case was designed by a Japanese design lab. The machine was designed by Hers Experimental design lab. in Japan, lead by Mr. Chiaki Murata and Astro Studio in the US, under the direction of Microsoft’s Jonathan Hayes. From the start of the project to its…


Vista – any opinions? Let us know. It’s not over yet…

Vaibhav Kamath asked on one of my previous posts if there will be any UI changes after Vista RC1. The answer – no major changes, of course. Just fit & finish at this point. If you have any comments or issues around Vista, please log them on our forum, or even in the comments area of…


12-disk SATA storage box for less than a grand

ExtremeTech has a review of the Norco DS-1220 eSATA storage box, which can accomodate up to 12 SATA disks. The price is pretty low (on it is $840 without disks). I computed a small table that shows how much it will cost for a simple JBOD configuration. So, for less than $3000 you can get…