Funny experiment

OK - here is an surprising experiment. Do you know what this does?
1) Open some UI that contains an edit box (like notepad, or even the Start\Run... dialog)
2) Type something
3) Press Ctrl + Right Shift
4) Type something
5) Press Ctrl + Left Shift


Comments (11)

  1. treego says:

    Nothing peculiar happens. All I see is the text I typed.

  2. AdiOltean says:

    OK – here is what’s happening on my side: when I press Ctrl + Rigth Shift, all the text in the edit box becomes right-aligned. When I press Ctrl + Left Shift, the text becomes left-aligned.

    I am not sure why this happens on my box but someone confirmed that this is standard behavior of Windows edit controls. Not sure on what OS versions will this work…

  3. Bruce Zhang says:

    Great! Funny!

  4. Bruce Zhang says:

    Funny. But If I want the text becoming center-aligned, what could I do?

  5. Dean Harding says:

    I have a feeling it’s because you’ve got complex script support turned on and Ctrl+Right Shift is the shortcut for "right-to-left reading" and Ctrl+Left Shift is the shortcut for "left-to-right reading".

    It won’t work if you don’t have complex script support enabled.

  6. Raghuraman says:


    This happens because for Some Languages in the world the writing starts from Right side of the Page to the Left side. e.g. Arabic

  7. Khuzema says:

    if you have installed Asian language support like arabic it will happen.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Probably not related to this is an exceedingly stupid bug of the standard windows EDIT control that has been there for ages. If you press Ctrl+Backspace, you get some kind of bogus character instead of deleting the last word like every sensible editor and word processor does.

    Can you tell the USER.EXE guys that we want this fixed? 🙂

  9. Jonathan says:

    This is because you installed support for "complex script and right-to-left languages". Some lanaguages like Arabic and Hebrew are written right to left, and this changes the alignment and reading order. It comes very naturally for people here in Israel…

    Anonymous: Ctrl-Backspace deletes the last word here (in Start->Run…).

    Khuzema: Actually, it’s "complex script and right-to-left languages". "East Asian languages" is a different set. I should know – I have (and use) both!

  10. michkap says:

    Sounds vaguely familiar….

    (A case where it won’t work anymore even if you want it too?)


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