Home page adventures – this time the new, shiny MSDN search beta

I could write a little history on the (frequent) changes of my home page during the last twelve months. Why not? So far I was on:
1) google.com for a while - until a year ago if I remember correctly. At that time, this was the only search engine page that loaded fast, and had good relevance on things like Win32 APIs. Now you get that level of relevance everywhere.
2) Then, I think in the Winter 2005, I played with various beta flavors of search.msn.com and MSDN search beta. The relevance of MSN Search still had serious problems here and there. I still switched to google.com occasionally for things I couldn't find on msn.
3) In June-July 2005, msn.com just got better. At least Win32-API relevance problems went away (my biggest source of pain). I started to use search.yahoo.com just to get a feeling on how it works (but it didn't stick for long). I'll try again soon.
3) Start.com late summer. Totally cool. (back then, it was www.start.com/3).
4) Live.com this fall. This is start.com with more fancy colors, but essentially the same interface (and, yes, finally, it has a "cached page" link - glad they fixed that). BTW - the live.com team also fixed the bug around not showing search results in "hidden" mode. I still see some bugs - for example, RSS feed add support is severly buggy. It seems that I simply cannot find Mark Russinovich blog in the Feed search?
5) Recently, I upgraded my Windows Server 2003 to R2 on my dev box, and I had for a while the IE default page (res://shdoclc.dll/softAdmin.htm, the page saying "Caution: Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is not enabled"). I didn't felt the need to change it, given that it loaded extremely fast, and anyway I conduct now all internet searches on the little MSN Toolbar edit box.
5) and now MSDN search beta. Simple, clean and fast :-).  


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  1. Jonathan says:

    about:blank loads really fast for me. Always been my homepage, always will be.

  2. AdiOltean says:

    Completely agree – beats everything else!

  3. agree.. about:blank and my favourite search engines (like this new MSDN search) in the search toolbar.. at least for firefox!

    Hope they will add it to IE 7


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