Search-based toolbars ARE addictive

I used to play with both MSN and Google toolbars in parallel for a while now, but even if I had the convenient search box in the toolbar, I still used to go to a web-based search (Google until half year ago, now MSN search). I don't know why - as if my brain had a hardwired prefference to go to the classical route for web-based search, even if it involved more typing, and waiting for the initial page to load.

But something interesting happened recently. I started to use more and more the convenient search in the toolbar. I am going now back to the web-based interface very rarely. Part of the reason is that MSN search works now flawlessly with MSDN content. (as opposed to the situation in the past)

I don't know why I became a convert - maybe I drank too much MSN Toolbar kool-aid? 🙂


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  1. Philip Taron says:

    I too used to use the web-based search pages exclusively, despite the Google toolbar and the built-in search box in Firefox. Back when I used IE, I used TweakUI to set up lists of various searches, with "msdn …" going to msdn, "g …" going to google, "y …" going to Yahoo, and "m …" going to MSN. That took thought and time to set up, though, and I couldn’t easily transfer the settings to each computer I used.

    The thing that changed for me, however, was the Firefox feature allowing me to type words into the address bar and go to the first site for that search. Now, it’s just "msdn GetWindowText" or "wp Churchill" or whatever I want to know. The actual number of search results that I go through has decreased dramatically this past year. That too is a change from the address bar searches of the past, which went to the results page instead of to the first result.

    Maybe the results are getting better? Maybe I trust them more? Don’t know.

    That feeling of getting information without thinking about it, though, you’re right–that’s addictive. If I don’t have it, the web browsing experience is much pleasurable.

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