Math puzzle: minimum number?

What is the minimum number that cannot be expressed with less than two english words? Also, how about less than thirteen english words?


This time, a real blog about Google

I am reading an excellent blog written by a few ex-Googlers. I especially like Doug Edwards’s posts, which seems to be a funny guy. The blog describes how Google felt like, from the inside, in the early days, and how the atmosphere evolved over time. It reminded me of the early days of Microsoft. Then, I…


Holographic storage for everyone

Maxell hints that it will ship 300 GB optical media next year, in September 2006 to be more exact. The bandwidth is decent too: 160 Mbps. The technology behind all this? Holographic storage: Holographic recording technology uses intersecting signal and reference laser beams to store data in a number of 3D holographic images. According to Maxell, one 13cm…


Tracking your own misconceptions

It is certainly refreshing when,once in a while, you realize that you can do some things in a completely different way. Richard mentions a little gem in his last post (the actual post topic is somewhat unrelated – hiring qualities of an analyst): I’ll tell you a little secret: I keep track of all my…


SSE – an RSS extension for two-way synchronization

Ray Ozzie mentioned an interesting variation of the RSS protocol. RSS is essentially a one-way synchronization protocol. What it would take to change the RSS standard in a very minimal way, such that it will work for two-way replication. A simple idea, with very deep implications. The new RSS is now called SSE: Simple Sharing Extensions. You…


Want free email? Bring your own domain

Forget the battle between Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail. Just use your own domain and go to to get free email services, plus antivirus/antispam protection! And if you don’t have yet a domain, just create one. The prices are pretty low these days, about $7-$8 per year for .com domains (or even lower). P.S. By the way, anyone…


…but, in Soviet Russia, the web services use YOU!

Actually, in US too. No, I’m serious! The technique it’s called Mechanical Turk, and its first form is developed by The process is quite simple:1) A large number of humans are going to that site.2) They will be asked to do some work.3) After completion, they will get paid in their account. Web services can “use you” in this…


Home page adventures – this time the new, shiny MSDN search beta

I could write a little history on the (frequent) changes of my home page during the last twelve months. Why not? So far I was on:1) for a while – until a year ago if I remember correctly. At that time, this was the only search engine page that loaded fast, and had good relevance…


Ray Ozzie blogs again!

I am sure this will be a good blog to watch. So, when we will see Steve and Bill join the crowd?