Are there any COM programmers out there?

Even with all this new wave of .NET stuff, I still find myself in the XXI century doing good old COM programming - and I enjoy doing it...

So is anyone still interested in blog posts around COM programming? (especially around COM servers, COM security, etc).

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  1. Ryan says:

    How about COM Interop posts? There’s alot of caveats about accessing COM objects from .NET (and vice versa) that I’m interested in hearing more about.

  2. Paul-Marcel St-Onge says:

    Absolutely; personally, I’m eagerly awaiting Chris Sells’ new book on ATL. While everything I do now is in .NET primarily because it works well for backend systems, I do wrap up legacy code in COM fairly often or use it to get around unreasonable requirements of third-party software.

    So, a resounding yes.

  3. Eric King says:

    Yep. Still doing some COM when I have to. I develop in a large Fortune 200 company, and maintain a 6 year old Enterprise ASP/VB COM app.

    I hate it. I cringe when I see requests for changes or additions to the system. I just know I’m gonna have to dig up those old COM components out of SourceSafe and produce some VB 6 code. I guess I’m spoiled after 3 years of C#. 🙂

  4. Jeff Parker says:

    I have to agree with Ryan, a lot more interop would be nice. There is a lot of unusual things you have to do in some cases of interop. That I am not sure I full understand and there is really not a lot of documentation on or the documentation is not clear. things like aximp and tlbimp sometimes they produce a lot of wierd errors, they work, so don’t know what the errors were. And no never uses anything that produced errors in production but in playing around with some interoping just to see if I could I run into wierd things. So I know I am not the only one.

  5. tzagotta says:

    I agree with Jeff agreeing with Ryan – more information on interop would be really helpful. We also encounter a lot of "strangeness"…

  6. Lorenzo Dematte says:

    Me.. =) I enjoy it too, I’ve always liked the COM (DCOM) programming model. I like .NET, especially for web applications, but I still found me doing COM programming for all sort of low-level programming (I am a spare-time compiler and library developer)

  7. Cláudio says:

    I’m still doing COM, avoiding .NET whenever I can … so please do post something about the old COM.

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