Day of Defeat: Source – released!

A few hours ago (one hour later than expected, at 4.00 PM PDT), Day of Defeat: Source was released in the wild. This is the first product from Valve that benefits from the HDR technology. The Valve engineers went to interesting challenges to make HDR work on both ATI and NVIDIA cards, as described in this ArsTechnica article (and another link here).

I took a quick look at the game a few hours ago, and it looked great. However, right now I cannot play it apparently:

Well, maybe another day...

Comments (2)

  1. hardcode says:

    Which video-card do you have and how does it perform ? Also, did you find benches anywhere ?


  2. AdiOltean says:

    I have an Elsa ATI 9600 XT. At no AA with the resolution 800 x 600 it performs surprisingly good, although on the ATI side I vaguely remember that for DoD: Source the recommended card is at least x800. I haven’t tested how the HDR works yet, or how many fps I get, but I presume that not much.

    But anyway, the Source engine is known to perform well on the low-end cards anyway…

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