How big is Hotmail?

Huge. Here is some data from a PDC Hotmail presentation:

  • ~200 million active users
  • 3.3 billion inbound emails a day

    • 1.5 billion blocked at the router
    • 1.0 billion deleted as spam (never hits the user's mailbox)
    • 0.5 billion sent to the junk folder

  • Over 100 million messages sent a day
  • 80 - 100 milllion logins per day
  • 5000 peak logins per second

    But the most interesting part in this PPT is the new FrontEnd design. It is based on the Atlas framework. The client code (Javascript  - in the browser) is able to call into front-end components (written in C#). The requirements for the protocol are interesting: minimize the data on wire, purely asynchronous processing at the server side. All this combined with an OOP component framework.

  • Comments (6)

    1. Craig says:

      So it uses Ajax then?

    2. AdiOltean says:

      Yes it does. It uses the Atlas framework which is Microsoft’s implementation of the AJAX design patterns.!1pQ1XJoc8DzgOX5hnBk8iS4Q!417.entry

    3. Patrick says:

      3 billion emails out of 3.3 are spam? Holy cow! I never knew it was such a high percentage.

    4. ted says:

      3 billion is what the hotmail filter is able to recognize and tag as spam – I think it misses the rest of the 0.3 billion judging by the fact that virtually all of the mail I get in hotmail is effectively SPAM.

      It has become such a junk thing, I doubt any one is going to use hotmail for any real purpose…

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