Virtual disease affecting World of Warcraft characters

We are living in interesting times. First, WoW created the possibility of virtual economies. Now we have virtual diseases...

Players of Blizzard's incredibly popular World of Warcraft are reporting the outbreak of a virtual plague that is spreading across major cities in the virtual land of Azeroth, infecting player characters at an alarming rate.

The trouble started when Blizzard programmers added a new instance, which is a separate area connected to the outside world that players can enter and attempt unique quests. One of these instances, Zul'Grub, contained the god of blood, Hakkar. Hakkar was a powerful foe that could cast spells of his own, including a spell called Corrupted Blood. This spell did a large amount of damage to any player within the vicinity of the casting, and the effects lingered on after the spell was over.

What happened next was something Blizzard did not expect. Some of the players who had gone into the instance emerged back into the main world of Azeroth, and started spreading the Corrupted Blood disease to others who they came into close contact with. The infection soon spread into many of the cities and towns in the virtual world. Since the disease was intended to be a danger to powerful players, it tended to kill those less than level 50 almost instantly.

Here is a video with the disease in action.


Comments (2)

  1. Uwe Keim says:

    The video link really is crap. Clicking through 5 or more pages, removing 2 popup-ads (with active IE popup blocker), just to get a video.

    The internet REALLY is going the wrong way nowadays :-(…

  2. Phoen says:

    Try Firefox instead?

    I only got One popup without any extra protection.

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