WS-Management specification submitted to DMTF

WS-Management was just submitted to DMTF!

WS-Management is a web-service based spec for system management tasks like resource discovery, events, executing of certain operations, etc:

[...] this specification identifies a core set of Web service specifications and usage requirements to expose a common set of operations that are central to all systems management. This comprises the abilities to
• DISCOVER the presence of management resources and navigate between them.
• GET, PUT, CREATE, and DELETE individual management resources, such as settings and dynamic values.
• ENUMERATE the contents of containers and collections, such as large tables and logs.
• SUBSCRIBE to events emitted by managed resources.
• EXECUTE specific management methods with strongly typed input and output parameters.
In each of these areas of scope, this specification defines minimal implementation requirements for compliant Web service implementations. An implementation is free to extend beyond this set of operations, and may also choose not to support one or more areas of functionality listed above if that functionality is not appropriate to the target device or system.

The first Microsoft products that will support WS-Management will be Windows Server 2003 R2 and the Microsoft Operations Manager, but other companies will release WS-Management products as well - for example CA, Intel, Sun Microsystems, and others.


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